Under the careful and watchful eye of your Trusted Financial Advisor, your team will design your custom written lifetime financial plan, put your plan into action, monitor your plan, and meet with you regularly to keep you on track. This is done to ensure that your financial house will always be in perfect order and stays that way.

The Ten Deliverables

Your team uses your personal values and goals as a guide for creating your written lifetime financial plan. Over the past decade Catalano Consulting and Insurance Services, LLC has created “The Ten Deliverables” (a deliverable is our term for the specific services we provide), which are supported by a proprietary detailed checklist of 101+ items. We do this so we miss nothing.

1. Written Lifetime Financial Strategy

Each year a written comprehensive update of your financial strategy is created to demonstrate the actualization of your goal.

2. Greatest Probability Strategy (Your “GPS”)

Each time we meet a straightforward, step by step list of simple actions is provided to direct your financial plan. This will create the greatest probability for you to stay on track and accomplish your long-term goals simply and correctly.

3. Progress Reports

Every four months you’ll receive an uncomplicated one-page summary of the assets you have in our care. This report is designed to show your progress benchmarked against your financial goals.

4. Money Management

Your team will analyze how your assets are allocated and recommend how to best position them to create the highest possibility of achieving your goals. We will help provide your financial situation’s “big picture” including future strategies.

5. Income Tax Planning

Your Team will work directly with your existing tax firm to create and fully review your written income tax projection for the current calendar year and to identify tax-planning opportunities.

6. Income Tax Preparation

Your Team will work again with your existing tax firm to review your state and federal tax returns to ensure they are filed in a timely manner.

7. Estate Planning

Your Team will review your estate plan annually plus a significant, highly focused review will be completed every five years. We will work with your estate-planning attorney to implement changes as necessary. Two vital objectives are to: 1.) establish a plan for your money to stretch into the next generation and beyond; and 2.) create an alignment that will bring your heirs close together to avoid conflicts about money after your death.

8. The Goal Blueprint

We create a Strategic and Tactical Plan for each one of your goals, including special accumulation and withdrawal requirements. This plan will greatly assist you in achieving your pre-chosen goals. The accomplishment of your goals will be evidence that you made smart choices about your money and were able to life a life full of what’s most important to you.

9. Cash & Debt Management

Your team will estimate the amount of cash reserves you need and how to establish and maintain those required reserves. We will also give you specific advice on how to reduce and/or eliminate your debts following a timeline that makes sense for you.

10. Financial Plan Safety

Your team will assess any threats we see in your plan and will propose strategies to increase the overall safety of your plan. In addition we will evaluate your insurance needs and recommend policies essential for you.

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